Dwa Saray Mountain Peak is also called Dwa Saro Ghar because of its two heads. Dwa Saray Mountain is an administrative unit of Manglawar. Dwa Saray is situated on the border between Manglawar Swat, Buner, and Shangla. Dwa Saray is considered as 2nd Highest Peak in District Swat right after Falak Sar (Elevation: 5,957 metres or 19,544 ft), There were no data available online so I decided to plan a hike and will note everything.


Dwa Saro can be submitted with four routes:

1. Kalil Kandao Route

Kalil is a village in District Buner. It takes 6 hours hiking to reach the summit when you start your journey from Kalil top or pass (another hill station located in mountain boundary between Swat and Buner. [Source: Wikipedia]

2. Pir Baba Route

On the name of famous Islamic Preacher Pir Baba is also a village in District Buner. This route is almost the same as the route of Kalil Kandao. [More details will be added later]

3. Banjot Route

This route goes around from the village of Manglawar. Manglawar is 8 km away from Swat main city Mingora. It takes one hour to go from Manglawar to Banjot. Right after Banjot, we can go further via 4×4 Jeeps on Gulay etc. This route is long and takes time to reach the top. But you will see a lot of villages on your way.

4. Shingrai Kas Route

This is the route that I have a toke and I believe is the third easiest route to summit Dwa Saro. If we count Pir Baba route is a little longer than Kalil Kandao which is probably the easiest but very short. I use this Shingrai Kas route so I will put in every detail here.

Shingrai and Kas are villages in Manglawar. It took 45 Minutes to Kas from Manglawar on a 70cc bike. Our journey comprised of two days:

1st Day: Thursday 19 August 2021 

Journey Started from Manglawar: 5:30am (Elevation: 1010 m)

Reached Kas: 6:15 am (Elevation: 1730 m) on the bike.

From here star journey on your feet.



Shingrai -> Kas -> Jaloo -> Jabbar (streets of Acharo) -> Lewano -> Uzbaka

We stayed in Uzbaka for night, we reached Uzbaka at: 11:00am.

Total Steps taken: 13,738 Steps 

Total Time: 5hr 15 minutes 

2nd Day: Friday 20 August 2021 

Journey Started from Uzbaka: 8:20am (Elevation: 2630 m)

Reached Dwa Saro Dab: 10:36am (Elevation: 2630 m) 

Reached Dwa Saro Peak: 12:56am (Elevation: 3030 m) 



Uzbaka -> Kwanr -> Dwa Saro Dab -> Dwa Saro Peak

Total Steps were taken: 8,917 Steps

Total Time: 5hr 14 minutes


As a whole record


Total Steps it takes to the top from Kas: 18,602 Steps

Total Steps it takes to return from Top: 22,921 Steps



Total Time it tokes from Kas till Top: 10 hrs 14 minutes 

Total Time it tokes from Top till Kas: 8 hrs 15 minutes



From Manglawar to Kas: 1730-1010 = 720 m (On-bike)

From Kas til Dwa Saro Top: 3030-1730 = 1300 m (You will hike from Kas 1730 m till Top 3030 m on foot)


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